Eighty-four year-old Carl Lewis of Redmond, Utah, is being held at the Garfield County Jail on charges of attempted murder with bodily injury, aggravated assault and terroristic threats.

It stems from an incident on Monday, May 10 at 3 p.m. in Old Hatch Town (right outside of Hatch, Utah in Garfield County.) Lewis drove to Old Hatch Town to confront his brother-in-law Kelly Johnson of Old Hatch Town, about some family financial issues, and found Johnson at his residence. 

Johnson approached the car not knowing who it was, and Lewis motioned for Johnson to continue approaching the car. Lewis then allegedly floored the accelerator, and hit Johnson straight on, and continued to run over the top of him. After he stopped the car, Lewis allegedly beat Johnson with his walking cane, shouting he was going to kill him.

Johnson sustained a broken hip and multiple abrasions on his arms and head. He was transported by ambulance to the Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City in stable condition. 

Lewis drove back to Redmond after the incident and was arrested by Sevier County deputies and held in the Sevier County Jail until Garfield County Sheriff Danny Perkins and Deputy Kevin Moore picked him up and transported him to the Garfield County Jail. 

Lewis is being held on $40,000 cash only bail (which he has not posted yet as of this press release), and made his first court appearance on Thursday, May 13, in Sixth District Court. Lewis has no prior criminal or arrest history.