Ken Sizemore, Administrator of the Five County Association of Governments, answered several questions of concern on personnel matters and planning coordination at the Kane County Commission meeting.  He explained the CIB process and how the Five County Association has a planner assigned to help. Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw spoke of how the prior administrator played a major role in helping the county get funding and went with a county to the CIB Board. Now the county goes alone.

Habbeshaw continued, “We denied Obama’s stimulus funding and then it circumvented and came back to the county in another form. Things have shifted where the Five County Association and other agencies have become more bureaucratic. We’ve delegated authority to the Five County to operate rather than facilitate.  Examples are the Volunteer Center, Care and Share, etc. cuts Kane County authority.  We have a real disagreement on how programs are run.”

Another issue of feeling left out of the loop has to do with proposed changes on the SR 9 Route. Sizemore has had a significant role in developing the section from Hurricane to Zion Canyon as a Scenic By-way. Sizemore said the primary purpose of bringing the communities together is to determine a corridor, and that the communities formed an organization called the ZC-3. 

Their secondary purpose is to seek a Federal Designation.  The ultimate outcome is a Corridor Management Plan. Habbeshaw asked why Kane County was left out and said he believed Kane County was circumvented. The map in the Salt Lake Tribune reported that the plan terminates at Mt. Carmel Junction.  Now to be involved is “too little, too late.” 

Kane County is concerned about a Federal Designation because of what happened with the Grand Staircase. Federal Designation threatens multiple use and leads to restrictions.  Habbeshaw said the Five County Association acts as an independent governmental authority and rubs against Kane County.  Habbeshaw suggested Five County Association needs to be restructured. Anything involving Kane County, the commissioners need to know up front and be kept informed.

The commissioners discussed several programs and told Sizemore that they want the Volunteer program to be run the same as the Senior Center.  “We want to develop an MOU to do that.” With some open communication, all involved clarified many issues that have been sore spots.  Sizemore said he will have a proposal for the next meeting.

Glen Humphries requested a building permit for a cabin in the North Fork area. The Kane County ordinances have changed from the time the land was purchased to current. The issue is whether he can haul water or dig a well. He has applied for a well permit, but has not yet heard back and wants to start building.  He contracted to haul water, but was denied a permit because of a dry subdivision.

Habbeshaw said, “We have a county ordinance, that some of us don’t agree with. We are a nation of laws, not of men. The current ordinance is still in force, and has to go through a process to be changed. I have empathy for your position. I would like to see it more flexible for a seasonal cabin.”

Commissioner Doug Heaton added the issue of hauling water is high on the agenda for the Land Use Authority to consider.

Humphries, who was Washington County Sheriff when their jail at Purgatory was built, offered to be of help with Kane’s Public Safety Facility. 

 On the status of ownership of the old highway east of Vermillion Cliffs Estates, County Attorney Jim Scarth sent a letter to UDOT requesting documentation of ownership. UDOT will send the information to Attorney Shawn Welch.

The Cadastral Funding Public Land Survey System contract was awarded to Talbot Survey. 

Apparently, a Mr. Letkey never applied for a Conditional Use Permit to put 10 teepees at Three Lakes as a primitive experience, so a business license was denied.  UDOT said anything more than five will require putting in turning lanes. The item was sent back to the Land Use Authority.

Habbeshaw said, “We want to meet health requirements and not layer on excessive restrictions. The benefit of the examples today is it helps with modifications of the ordinances.”

Heaton said he has empathy for businesses and wants them to succeed. Commissioner Daniel Hulet concurred and said, “Let’s get the ordinance taken care of so we can move on.”

The annual county engineering contract was awarded to Jones and Demille Engineering with Resolution 2010-5.

The Weed Spraying 2010 contract with the Grand Staircase for $20,000 was approved for noxious weeds. Specific noxious weeds targeted are: Scotch Thistle, Hoary Cress (White Top) and Russian Nap Weed.

The only personnel item was the introduction of Temporary Deputy Attorney Robert Van Dyke from Salt Lake City. 

At the work meeting, commissioners updated each other on their individual committee assignments. There will be an open house on June 8 for the Public Health Building. The R & PP lease for the shooting range ends the end of May. Plans are to enlarge it with an archery range, so an EA is needed.  Clint Giles has eight rodeos scheduled for August and September. The Veterans Administration has a proposed hospital, nursing home and cemetery planned in Washington or Iron County.

 There was no MBA or Public Safety Facility update.