Superintendent John Hiscock of Pipe Spring National Monument and Tribal Chairman Timothy Rogers of the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians are proud to announce the completion of a new museum collections storage facility for the National Park Service and the Kaibab Band of Indians on the Kaibab Reservation adjacent to Pipe Spring National Monument.

Superintendent Hiscock stated, “The project has taken many years from its initial proposal to completion of construction. But patience pays off, and we are excited the facility is now available to re-house the stored museum collections of the Monument, and to be available to the Tribe for storage of all types of collections, including tribal archives.”

Professional management and care of museum collections of the units of the National Park System, such as Pipe Spring, is a critical function of the National Park Service. Museum collections are primary resources of, or related to each park site, and are invaluable in helping the NPS tell the stories of those sites, as well as being available for research. 

The collections at Pipe Spring NM include archeological items, Southern Paiute cultural items, historic furnishings and other material culture items from the period of pioneer settlement and occupancy of Pipe Spring, items related to the long National Park Service management of the site (since 1923), natural history items, and significant archival collections. The total number of items in the Pipe Spring NM collection is close to 45,000.

The new facility replaces and greatly improves upon a small room and outbuildings formerly used for storing Monument collections. It will allow for growth of the Pipe Spring collection, rotation of Pipe Spring museum items on and off display, and potential storage of items from other park units in the region.

Monument collections largely consist of items donated by northern Arizona and southern Utah families in past years.NPS hopes the new facility will further stimulate donations of pertinent items far into the future.

By comparison, the Tribe’s current collection is relatively small. However, the new facility presents the opportunity for the Tribe to not only protectively care for its existing collection, but expand its collections over ensuing years, caring for community and family heirlooms, bringing home items of cultural significance from other locations, collecting research related samples and items, and continually building and protecting its governmental archives.

The opportunity also exists for the Tribe to partner with other Southern Paiute Bands, other tribes, and other governmental entities in offering environmentally controlled museum storage for their collections.

The 4400 square foot facility includes: separate offices for NPS and tribal curatorial staff; a research and viewing room; a curatorial workroom; and separate museum collection repository rooms for the NPS and the Tribe. The entire facility is designed to provide state-of-art physical and environmental protection for museum items. The building meets criteria for a silver level Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating.

The project was first proposed in 1999, funded in 2001 and gradually proceeded through planning, design and construction phases. Along the way, the plans for the facility were reexamined in a major effort to strategically plan hub collection facilities for all 91 units of the Intermountain Region of the National Park System. A 25-year occupancy and operational agreement was signed by the NPS and the Tribe in 2008.

The Tribe allowed Reservation land to be used for the facility, and the Pipe Spring NM successfully competed for $2,006,000 in funding from the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) for the project.  Under FLREA those funds were derived from entrance fee proceeds from throughout the National Park System.

The project was contracted by the NPS with Leetex, LLC, of Dallas, Texas. Leetex, in turn utilized many local subcontractors, including project superintendents TC Engineering of Kanab, UT.

Chairman Rogers and Superintendent Hiscock invite everyone to a grand opening celebration for the facility to be held on Saturday, May 22, at 10 a.m. (AZ time).  The gathering will include speakers, tours and refreshments.