Dear Editor:

Well now, the Republican convention is now over. It all happened on April 16, 2010. Yep, just a little less than two weeks ago. The general election will, as usual, be held in November and guess what, none of us will be able to vote for a Kane County Commissioner! No you won’t, it was all decided by 60 people at the convention. Remember, I mentioned in my Letter to the Editor three weeks ago how easy it is for a special interest group to put someone into office, and the general electorate doesn’t get to vote.

Maybe you are okay with this system because the person put in by a super minority of the voters put your preference into office. But what will your reaction be when the next special interest group puts in “Hank Stupid from Crazy Town?” Things won’t be

so cute then, will they?

That is exactly what happened this time. Neither candidate might not be Hank Stupid, but two special interest groups put them into office, and, like I said, you don’t get to vote.

It doesn’t seem to me that this is a good way to put people into public office. Where will the campaigning happen, that time when we get to know a little about the candidate and be able to make our own judgment regarding who represents our views best. A minority within our county stole this from us.

According to the Kane County Clerk’s office, no other candidate filed for Kane County Commission. So what we have is what we got, unless someone runs as a “write in candidate,” and you know as I do that your chances of success as a “write in” are pretty slim.

I believe the selection of the “right person for the office” should be returned to the hands of the voters, all the voters. Let’s fix this system before we all wind up getting burned.