Annie Blair showed her interest in being at Big Water School as a parent, volunteer and computer technology person. It just seemed natural for her to be included on our staff when an opening occurred for a secretary in 2004.

Annie keeps copies of everything and has assisted more than one member of our staff with her quick access to documentation needed “yesterday.” She is always willing to help train staff members on programs from SIS to the lunch program. She has tackled and is winning the “Quick Books” challenge.

The last sentence in a secretary’s job description is usually “...and other duties as assigned.” Annie has the ability to fill in whereever the need exists, whether it be as an in-school-detention guardian; a front-line visitor and telephone solicitor screener; a bandage, ice pack, and medicine dispenser; or a parent sounding-board.

We appreciate Annie and are happy to recognize her as Kane School District’s Classified Employee of the Month.