Catherine Reed is the K-3rd grade teacher at Big Water School. She has been doing an outstanding job in this position for 15 years.

Cathy has become an expert at teaching the Spalding method of reading, writing and spelling. The progress of her students indicate the effectiveness of this instructional program. She is diligent about keeping track of her students’ advancements by administering measurable assessments all during the year, and her students consistently score very high on the end of year tests.

If Cathy determines a student is at risk, she contacts the parents to make arrangements to tutor the child after school. Struggling students have emerged much improved academically under her watchful eye and helping hand.

Cathy has volunteered to serve on the Community Council as our faculty representative; she serves as Big Water’s representative on the Reading Committee; and she has earned endorsements in the areas of Reading and Gifted and Talented. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She encourages other staff members to accompany her on various training and professional development opportunities.

Cathy goes the extra mile to help students and staff. She puts in the extra hours to get a challenging job done well, and she advocates and practices the Golden Rule.

We appreciate Cathy and are happy to recognize her as Kane School District’s Certified Employee of the Month.