After interviewing 11 applicants, the Kane County Commissioners made three appointments to the Land Use Authority Board. Appointments approved were: Dale Spencer with Commissioners Doug Heaton and Mark Habbeshaw voting aye and Daniel Hulet nay; Wade Heaton with Commissioners Heaton and Hulet voting aye and Habbeshaw voting nay; and Dale Clarkson with Heaton and Habbeshaw voting aye and Hulet nay.

The commissioners said all interviewed were excellent candidates. Commissioner Heaton will replace Hulet on the Land Use Authority Board.

The commission voted to go into closed session regarding the Mongini Recordation process. Habbeshaw indicated his concern about letters regarding the recorder’s office, the commission working resolution of subdivision actions, and whether road dedication is the proper process to resolve subdivision issues.

Travel council appointments approved were; Martin Ott, for the at-large position and Grant Ramsay for the non-Kanab seat.

Ben Clarkson, Kane County Travel Council Board, offered compelling reasons how an events coordinator would enhance business. “We need a good strong organizer,” said Clarkson. He continued saying volunteers work hard, but a coordinator is needed for the many events in Kane County. No decision was made, but the county will start with putting together a job description.

BLM Kanab Field Office Manager Harry Barber showed maps to the commission explaining a survey is needed on the gun range north of town due to map discrepancies. Apparently, part of the range is not in the area leased for Recreation and Public Purposes (RP&P). A proposed archery range is planned for that area. To incorporate all together will take an Environmental Assessment. All were in agreement an archery range would be beneficial.

Barber and the commission also discussed the turn off the highway into the range as a safety issue.

Jones/DeMille Engineering was approved as the County Land Use Engineer.

The Commission voted to abate taxes due on parcel 3-5-25-1A since 95% is Kane County and the rest absorbed by other property owners. They also voted to exempt parcel 52-74 of $793.43 for 2008-2009 taxes due to the fact it was owned by Kane County.

Ordinance 2010-2, establishing method, rules and procedures for the 2010 tax sale and allocating administrative costs to delinquent properties, was approved.

The commission approved an extension for the Cadastral Funding Grant with the state of Utah.

The bid for the Kane County Road K-3900 realignment was awarded to Cindy Taylor Trucking for $498,401.86, as recommended by Boss Engineering.

In regard to the Township Act Partnership, Hulet asked if the county should pursue purchasing 640 acres of land that must be used for public purposes. He cited future needs as hospital, schools, CMFPD, roads, law enforcement, Water Conservancy District, etc. Habbeshaw said, “We’ve already spent $3,000 and it never came before the commission.” No action was taken and Hulet apologized.

Heaton recommended the county send a letter to the Five County Association of Governments and the state coordinator stating the county wants a final decision either on Alternative 1 or Alternative 2. With a lack of response, the commission is close to severing the relationship with Kane County.

Sandy Kerr updated the commission on her department. She said the state suggested a more victim-friendly waiting room. She is working on a grant for the funding.

Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover updated the commissioners on the progress of the new Public Safety Facility. He had paperwork details, amended contracts, bids, budget and building decisions.

In personnel matters, Julie Narramore had a grade increase. She is now a licensed appraiser. The commission recognized an error on Sheriff Lamont Smith’s salary since his raise one year ago. They moved to correct it to $65,000, rather than $63,000 and compute the necessary adjustment regarding salary and retirement.

Clint Giles has eight rodeos planned for the 2010 season. The commission indicated they would like to help financially, but first they would like to see some kind of estimated revenue generated, as well as expenses. Giles said the goal is to do something for the community and he will return with the requested information.

Darren Janes presented a draft for the National Hazard Mitigation Plan. According to Janes, “Mitigation strategies are more realistic to implement.” He asked for feedback in the next 30-45 days.