There were several important topics discussed at the Fredonia Town Council meeting February 24th. 

The meeting began with Becky Douglas sharing the proposed design plans for the Fredonia Park during public comment. Douglas gave each council member a copy of the plan drawn by Bob Kaczowka of Mesa Design in Kanab.  She reviewed the plan briefly and asked the council to look it over so it could be voted on at the next council meeting.

Douglas also informed the council that the Parks and Rec Committee had nominated the baseball field and basketball court for the Frosted Flakes ballfield makeover contest. The cereal company will be giving away (30) $15,000 ballfield makeovers.  Douglas asked that everyone get onto and support the nomination.

Also during public comment, Town Manager Tom Corrigan informed the council, “We had a very bad accident today out by the Red Hills. [There were] lots of injuries…life threatening injuries!”

Apparently the fence that had been put up by the town to keep people out of the area as required by the state, had been torn down in more places than not.  Several individuals on four-wheelers were in the restricted area, jumping and riding when the accident occurred.

Corrigan and the council agreed that the area would have to be patrolled with stricter enforcement to keep people out of the restricted area. Enforcement could include confiscation of four-wheelers, in addition to fines.

The first item on the agenda was a question and answer period about the water project. Discussion was open to everyone in attendance. Corrigan reviewed just a few of the main purposes of the water project, including:

1) To meet or exceed ADEQ standards by changing the water filtration system to a UV system.

2) To reduce or eliminate water waste during high water collection months by doubling the town’s water storage capacity.

3) To better protect the community by installing 28 new fire hydrants.

4) To provide more accurate and efficient meter reading by installing new electronic meters that can be read digitally with a wand.

Becky Douglas then asked what would happen if the bond is not approved in the March 10 election. Corrigan replied that the town would then lose the almost $3 million in grant money from USDA Rural Development.

Many of the items, especially the filtration system, would still have to be done, but the town would just have to find a way to pay for it without the grant money.

Also discussed by the council was the start of a new trails committee for the town, which would be chaired by Kevin Hansen. 

Hansen’s ultimate goal as expressed to the council, is to join Fredonia and Kanab through a pedestrian and non-motorized bike trail. He would like the trail to incorporate historical facts and geological information for an interesting and informative path. It would also serve as a safer way for people to commute if they would like to walk or ride to and from Kanab. The council voted unanimously to allow Hansen to start the committee and were eager to see his ideas.