On March 12, the Kane County Hospital administrative team prepared Dutch oven dinners for the staff, medical staff and board members, as well as their other halves. The evening’s theme was “We succeed because of you.”

KCH Administrator sherrie Pandya and Dutch oven cook extraordinaire Laurali Noteman, PHR, Stephen Howells, CFO, and Rosalie Esplin, DON, headed the cookout event. The outdoor kitchen was set up at the hospital’s main entrance. Several visitors wondered how they could get an invitation as they commented about the aroma and menu.

This was a great way for the administrative team to say thanks. We have an outstanding staff who give it their all. Hospital settings are their own kind of working animals. The billing department is always busy, as well as health information as government and insurance companies constantly demand more t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

The clinic is hustling throughout the week, seeing to the needs of the not-so-well patient or the frustrated mom with the down-and-out sick child. Housekeeping keeps on dusting, mopping and vacuuming, while the dietary department has meals and goodies ready even when the power goes out.

The lab takes care of medical needs 24/7, and radiology will take your picture any time of night or day. The acute care nurses handle whatever presents itself at any time from the emergency, to the new baby, to the “you swallowed what?” Skilled care tends to the needs of our residents and loved ones around the clock.

Our IT guy has an extremely frustrating and full time task just keeping communications healthy. Maintenance works inside and out to keep the place running, and purchasing has to be on top of it all to make sure we don’t run out of stock.

Pandya prepared a slide show that scrolled throughout the evening. Over the laughter and general conversations you would hear, “Did you see that last shot? What year was that taken?” or, “There are the clinic girls,” along with many more quips and questions. We had photos dating from the black and white days right up until March 11, 2010.

Justin Wren, Alan Black, Shirley Smith, Rose Huntington, Phyllis Huntington, Anna Hooper, Ed White, Tracy Leigh, Vern Ratzlaff, Art Cisneros, Greg Salomonson and Mike Noteman pitched in to set up, cook, or clean up. Dutch oven roast beef, and Dutch oven potatoes were the mainstay of the meal, with desserts galore. In typical Dutch oven fashion, no one left hungry.