Mayor Nina Laycook announced a new initiative to improve communications between Kanab City and local employers.

“It makes good business sense for the City of Kanab to closely monitor the health of local employers,” Laycook noted. “If they aren’t healthy, our residents lose jobs and we suffer a loss of both sales and property tax.”

Effective immediately, Mayor Laycook and City Councilman Ed Meyer will begin a regular program of one-on-one visits with local employers and periodic meetings with the Kanab Chamber of Commerce. Kanab City’s goal is to meet individually with the 10 largest employers once each year. They are available to meet individually with other businesses as the need arises.

Mayor Laycook and Councilman Meyer also hope to meet with the Kanab Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in the spring and fall, as well as making a regular report to the chamber at its monthly meetings.

“Kanab City isn’t in a position to offer the kind of incentives you hear about so often in the press,” said Mayor Laycook. “However, there is tremendous value in learning how our regulations impact local businesses, and whether the city is delivering its services in an efficient, courteous manner. In addition, we are often aware of resources to help businesses that may be available from state, regional and federal agencies. Sometimes it’s enough to simply lend a sympathetic ear and let our businesses know their elected officials care.”

A regular business visitation program is perhaps the most important element of a sound economic development strategy,” said Les Pall, Director of Rural Programs for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “Too few communities have Kanab’s vision in recognizing the importance of such visits.”

Businesses interested in meeting with a city representative should call Council member Meyer at (435) 899-1172 or e-mail him at to schedule an appointment.