Two items of fee increases were approved for Kane County Planning and Zoning at the February 23 Kane County Commission meeting.  The first is for the procedure for lot/parcel line adjustment $750. If the process takes over six hours, additional hours will be billed. The second item approved is the Agricultural Exemption and Application Fee, which will be $750.   Should the engineer review time exceed six hours,  additional hours will be billed.

Disagreements over snow plowing in Bryce Woodlands were resolved after a long discussion and compromise with all parties involved.  The issue had to do with vehicle access, snowmobile access, torn up muddy roads, which roads to plow and vehicle pullouts and parking. 

Present were residents Ron Hall, Jerry Layman and Paul Gogulski. The private subdivision crosses two counties, Kane and Garfield.    All agreed on one lane for snow removal and the other left unplowed for snowmobiles with intersections for vehicle pullout and turnaround.

After a cost breakdown of two scenarios to correct the problem at Meadow View Heights Lot #56, the commission decided to remove county liability and will put everything back the way it was before.

The lot owner was unhappy when the road had been built up when the water line was put in. The other option was to re-grade and re-stack the rock wall.

An agreement with the BLM was ratified to apply gravel to the road accessing the Campbell residence in Johnson Canyon. The commission and Harry Barber, Kanab Field Office Manager, felt this was a good news and shows that the county and BLM can work together.

Another agreement with the BLM, GSENM Office, was a letter of agreement regarding abandoning a mine reclamation project.  Both the county and the BLM have been working together with a goal on how to protect the public against unsafe and dangerous mines.

Board members of the Council on Aging were ratified. They are: Norm Carroll, Lee Chamberlain, Mary Jo Chamberlain, Rick Parsons, James Ross, Joyce Ross, Mary Stevens, Doyle Swallow, Ken Wanlass, Julie Taylor and Douglas Heaton, Commissioner.

A business license was approved for Hot Mama Pizza & Brew, Duck Creek.

Administrative action was taken on the issue of full dental coverage for spouses who are also employed by the county.

Kay Giles, Travel Council, received a grade increase, which was in the budget.

Cadastral Funding for 2009 was approved. The grant value is $6240 and deals with identifying accuracy of GPS corner data.

Linda Alderman presented a map with Deer Springs Ranch road names. This is for E911 addressing. This was deferred to the next agenda so the county can review.