Utah Film Commissioners Marshall Moore and Mimi Davis Taylor updated the Kane County Commission with a 45-minute power point presentation on what is happening in Utah, what the state does, how they work with all government entities to make production smooth, and how they work with regional offices to encourage film production in Utah.

John Carter of Mars, a Disney production, is being filmed in Utah, with several locations in Kane County. A set is currently under construction in Mt. Carmel. Other sites include Big Water, Lake Powell, Moab, Hanksville and Delta. $27.7 million out of a total budget of $250 million will be spent in Utah. Disney plans a trilogy from the 12 books on the Chronicles of John Carter.

The same people who did Avatar are behind this production. Big Water and Kanab will be production hubs. Moore said,“This will be a great experience to bring movies back to Kanab.”

In other county business, County Attorney Jim Scarth and Human Resource Manager Rhonda Gant requested the county hire a temporary deputy attorney since current Deputy Attorney Bill Bernard has requested unpaid leave during the election.  

Also approved was extending the hours for a part-time court clerk from 20 to 29 hours.

 Cathy Chamberlain was hired as part-time secretary in the GIS Department. Jolene Sherratt received a grade increase from 11C to 12C, as she moved to retiring Marilyn Lawson’s position.

The commission approved a motion to request the county clerk/auditor personally notice the three Land Use Committee vacancies (Planning Commission), and direct all applications be submitted to the clerk’s office, including those applications received by the Land Use Administrator.

Further requested the clerk/auditor to schedule an interview with all persons submitting written interest, received through April 2, 2010.  The three vacancies will be appointed by majority vote of the Kane County Commissioners. Habbeshaw reminded this reporter he opposed the Land Use Ordinance and although it was approved at the last meeting, his vote was nay. “I have opposed this for three years,” said Habbeshaw. 

Holly Ramsay was appointed to the Judicial Nominating Committee as the Kane County representative.

The commission concurred with the clerk/auditor’s list of polling locations for the June 22 Primary Election and the by-mail voting status for Cedar Mountain residents. Kanab #4 has been changed to the EMS building at the airport. The fire station does not meet ADA requirements.

Don Kramer, representing the North Rim Regulators, requested the gun range for Saturday, June 19, for the annual Cops vs Cowboys Shootout. All proceeds go to the D.A.R.E. program. The range will be closed August 26-28 during Western Legends. Kramer said the public is welcome to observe both events at no charge. Both events were approved.

The commission approved rejoining Fund 11, assessing and collecting funds, with Fund 10 as required by the Utah Code.

Nine Parcel Data bids were opened with bids ranging from $7,713 to $59,740. No selection was made until details are reviewed.

Fayanne Christensen requested a committee be formed to help find funding for the donated lot in the Kanab Creek Ranchos for a Senior Citizen Center. Habbeshaw asked Christensen to be the point person and work with the owner to extend the contract. The commission will move the Senior Citizen Center to the priority list on Capital Funding.

The UDOT County Access Management Plan contract between Kane County and PB Americas Inc. to develop a plan east on Highway 89 was approved. The study is funded by UDOT.

Habbeshaw asked they have meetings and include property owners. Dale Spencer commented that with more traffic on Highway 89, safer accesses are needed.

Earl Lavenger updated the commission regarding an MOU attachment to the annual Fire Suppression plan with the Utah Division of Forestry and State Lands 2010 fire agreement. The agreement between communities and the state includes: Alton, Orderville, Glendale, Kanab, Glen Canyon, East Zion and Cedar Mountain. The agreement allows a payment mechanism for fighting fire on unincorporated land. The commission approved and signed the MOU’s.

During the MBA on updates for the Public Safety Facility, Tracy Glover and Byard Kershaw said they are working with the BLM on change of use. The original agreement was for recreation.  The change will require a new environmental assessment on the 18 acres. Habbeshaw said the county will need to file a Quiet Title for rights-of-way for road and utilities crossing public lands. The contract with the construction manager is not completed yet. Several agencies have already made requests for leasing space. Glover estimated the payback for leased space is 12 years.