With the highest voter turnout in all of Coconino County, Fredonia’s election on May 9 brought 48% of registered voters (334 voters) to their mailboxes to cast their votes.

Home Rule passed 287 to 36, which will allow the town to continue to maintain control of its budget, rather than have it be dictated by the state.

Scott Heaton ran unopposed, and will be the new mayor of Fredonia, receiving 284 votes.

Jennifer Lukus received 203 votes, earning her a place on the Fredonia Town Council.

With one position remaining up for grabs, Tony Zaccaria received 159 votes, Carl Hughes 123 votes and Bill Harris 108 votes. There were also 17 write-in votes. 

Because these candidates did not receive at least 50% of the votes plus one, there will be a runoff (general) election on May 18 to determine who will take the other council seat. Over the last 30 years, there has been only one other general election needed. 

Also to be voted on during the upcoming election is a state sales tax increase. The May election will not be vote-by-mail, as Governor Brewer has mandated it be at the polls.