The March 6 Republican Party’s Lincoln Day event at Parry Lodge, featuring Governor Herbert, was a well-attended success. Candidates, tea party representatives, local and state politicians, as well as local citizens, came out to hear what the politicos had to say about things pertinent to their cause.

The event, organized by the women of the Republican Party, (with hard work from Kane County Republican Chairman Lloyd Laycook), featured Representative Mike Noel as emcee.

Governor Herbert acknowledged he was playing to the choir when he made his comments in Kane County, a long stronghold of conservative Republicans.

“It’s a challenging time,” said Herbert. “Tough decisions.”

Herbert talked of his admiration for President Abraham Lincoln. He referenced Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, as something he particularly admired. Citing four points Lincoln said of political life; politicians should be more brief; they don’t realize the impact they’re going to have on people; if you’re not the first choice of your party, you still have the opportunity to serve and contribute; it’s our responsibility to complete the work-diligent and anxiously-engaged.

Herbert recounted Abraham Lincoln’s saying you destroy your enemies when you make them your friend.

In a comment about more recent political debates, he said that decisions should be made closer to home. “States and governors should be at the very first of the debate about healthcare.”

Concerning public lands Herbert said, “people in Washington think they know how to better manage public lands than us.” And later he stressed, “government closest to the people is the best. We need to make sure government in Washington is smaller.”