There is a growing unrest across America. The silent, passive, middle class taxpayer is starting to show their disappointment, manifested by some verbal assertiveness. Is it time to take a stand? Perhaps it is a voice long overdue. Does the average American need to take a stand and become involved by studying and learning about the Constitution and the gradual losses of the great freedoms founded in America?

A growing organization, the Freedom First Society, is moving across America. There is an organized chapter in Glendale, led by Don Fotheringham. A group of patriots met on February 23 to attend a Freedom First meeting and lend a listening ear to a voice of experience and knowledge, mingled with a lifetime of dedication in the fight for freedom.

Vance Smith, author of Organize for Freedom, spoke loud and clear resonating the principles of Freedom First and why Americans must become involved in defending the true principles on the basis of the founding fathers and their diligence in pursuing the cause of freedom. He quoted Thomas Jefferson, “It takes eternal vigilance, freedom does not come free,” in reference to the urgency to reclaim America, in reiterating the fact that reclaiming America is not an easy solution.

Smith presented a well-organized and researched slide presentation, pointing out facts concerning our Constitutional rights and how they are being taken from the citizens of this great country. He referred to a graph depicting the five forms of government; first – a democracy; second – oligarchy, rule by the elite; third – anarchy, rule by none; fourth – monarchy, rule of one; and finally – a republic, rule by law. Most refer to our government as a democracy, perhaps the words in the Pledge of Allegiance stands as a witness to what form of government America should have.

“And to the Republic for which it stands” rings loud and clear in the projected direction for the pursuit of freedom.

Do Americans have a responsibility to understand the Constitution and what is happening in our country?

Thomas Jefferson made it quite clear when he proclaimed, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

The Freedom First Society has an abundance of information available to better inform and educate the people of America. A quote from the book Organize for Freedom, written by Vance Smith, explains in part what the Freedom First Society is all about. “We seek to defend, restore, and support the principles of freedom that made America great. We have not invented some new philosophy to guide human affairs. We seek merely the opportunity for new generations to enjoy their heritage and to understand and value its underlying principles so they to can preserve the foundation for Freedom and build constructively upon it.”

The society strongly advises concerned citizens to write to their Congressmen. If you want to get involved, send a letter to Senator Hatch and Senator Bennett expressing you are a citizen opposed to the compromised healthcare bill and any other form of Socialism.

A bill was recently pushed by the Freedom First Society to stop government from compelling Utahns to purchase health care insurance. If you are a concerned American, call State Senator Dennis Sowell at 435-559-8143 or e-mail to urge the bill to pass the Senate.

Thomas Jefferson once said it takes eternal vigilance. There is a voice in this country that needs to be heard.

For more information concerning the Freedom First Society, you can write to Freedom First Society, P.O. Box 15099, Colorado Springs, CO 80935, or chekc out their website at