The commission approved the reformatting of the Land Use Ordinance to facilitate codification and meet requirements. They adopted the amendments by Ordinance 2010-1. The structure is changed, not the text.   

Commissioner Doug Heaton, who wants to bring some proposed changes, stated, “Our ordinance is too stringent.”

Commissioner Daniel Hulet said, “we worked on this for 18 months.  It irritates me that after all of the time, work, public hearings, it comes to the commission and then is stalled another six months.”

There was an evaluation of back taxes on parcels 4-5-3-4A of Anna Bunting Family Limited Partnership was presented by Assessor Linda Little. Some of the property had been sold, and then  returned.  No taxes were paid during the time it did not belong to the family. The taxes were  split appropriately between the two parcels from 2006-2009. A lien was placed on parcel #4-5-3-4A in the amount of $13,852.58 and accrual of penalties and interest will continue.

The commission approved Resolution 2010-1, the County Employee Appeal Procedure Regarding Discipline or Termination. The policy was amended to the Kane County Grievance Procedure and is more streamlined with due process.

After the discussion at the last commission meeting regarding posting all board vacancies, the commission rescinded the appointment of Jim Sorenson to the Land Use Board.  

A Judge Nominating Board will be formed and advertised for applicants. Judge Gerry Hoyt will be retiring and the board will select the replacement.

Fayanne Christensen discussed lot #380 in the Kanab Creek Ranchos.  The three-acre lot was donated to the county specifically to be used for a Senior Citizen Center. It reverts back to the subdivision in 2011. Funding will be pursued, as well as what possible options are available.

The commission approved $27,902 payment to CAMA, Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system fees. Payment is made to the State Auditor’s office.

Also approved was a modification of the boundaries for change of use on land for the Public Safety Facility, so the proposed building will fit the terrain. The motion was to modify the application with the BLM at Kaneplex to facilitate the Public Safety Facility.

Ed Shaw, Alton Coal Project Engineer, recommended the contract be deferred until the county receives a letter from the two lowest project bidders that their bonding companies can and will issue a performance and payment bond for this project. The commissioners approved the recommendation.

The annual Forest Service Road Agreement amendment was approved. The agreement is a schedule of roads maintained by the Dixie National Forest, and is the same as last year with one modification to cover a longer portion of Harris Rim Road.

Resolution 2010-3 was approved supporting the Utah Department of Community of Culture. A pilot program for Community Outreach, which focuses attention on local art and heritage-based projects, with Kane County and Kanab City will be coordinated through CEBA.

As recommended by the county independent auditors and the county treasurer, the Special Service Districts in Kane County will now receive fees from actual tax collections on their behalf.  This new policy is effective with the 2010 collection cycle.

UDOT met to discuss the proposed County Transportation Plan. They have contracted with Parsons/Brinkerhoff for a study from Kanab City limits east to Seaman’s Wash. They have funding for two turn lanes located at Canyon Country Subdivision and have two possible locations. UDOT has funding for design now and will look for construction funding in the next cycle.

At the work meeting, the commissioners discussed installing a security camera at the Kanab Senior Citizen Center. There has been another attempted break-in at the Care and Share, plus other thefts and vandalism.

The Utah State Forestry Service, Cedar City, updated the commission on programs. They discussed protecting unincorporated federal lands, wild land urban interface fire protection programs, forest stewardship practices for grazing, timber sales, eradication of noxious weeds, and the urban community service aspect. They are investigating a nuisance fuel initiative to get the word to landowners, especially absentee ones, to do thinning etc. to eliminate fire hazards.