The annual Science Fair at Fredonia Elementary School for grades K-12 was held on Thursday, February 18.  The event was the culmination of weeks, and months in some cases, of hard work by students of all ages. 

Representatives from Mohave Community College had the unenviable task of judging the competition. With so many entries, they had their work cut out for them. The result was four grand prize winners and several place holders.

Tenth grader Braxon Waite received a grand prize for his project on the correlation between music and test taking. His hypothesis was, “I think music can help students learn and study math.” Using math sheets, Braxon tested himself while listening to various types of music and then in silence. His conclusion was, “listening to music while taking tests does not help me perform.”

The seventh grade group of Kelly Baker, Kelten Utter and Alex Robinson received a grand prize for their project titled “Parachutes: does size matter?” Their hypothesis was “the smaller the parachute, the faster the object will fall.” After performing several tests, they proved their hypothesis to be correct.

Fifth grader Teancum Waite received a grand prize for his project, which asked the question “Can plants grow with soda?” Teancum began the project with three healthy plants. He gave one Coca Cola, one Sprite and one plain water. He concluded the plants given soda were not as healthy as the one given water. He was surprised, however, that the plant given Coca Cola was significantly healthier than the one given Sprite.

Also awarded a grand prize were eighth graders Kaden Finicum, Mitchell Johnson and Clayton Johnson for their project on “Phototropism.”

All of the projects displayed at the Science Fair showed the hard work each junior scientist put into them. Other fascinating projects included the “Mentos and soda geyser,” “the colored carnations” and “can water move upward?” and so many more.

All of the participants should be proud of their projects. Congratulations to each of them!