1. When my wife, Jacque, and I choose to move to Fredonia in August of 2005, we made the decision that in moving to this part of Arizona, we wanted to become active in our new community. All of the people we have met have been very friendly and welcoming to us. Knowing that two of the town council seats were being vacated in the upcoming election, I had been encouraged by several people to seek a seat on the Fredonia Town Council.

2. In this current economic environment, I do see a need to address both of these issues and take steps necessary to bring Fredonia in line with other communities. I noticed several surrounding communities have recently reduced or deferred the impact fees. I feel Fredonia needs to seriously consider re-addressing the impact fees as they are now, and possibly taking some type of action that will help the citizens of Fredonia who now live here and those that may have the desire to move here in the future.

  As a town there are no resources here by which the citizens can make large purchases, such as vehicles or trailers, without going outside to other cities. With the fact that when large items are purchased the taxes that are assessed at the time of purchase are high, then to later be receiving a bill from the Department of Revenue for the 4% use tax is an unfair on our citizens.

3. I currently believe among the biggest challenges facing Fredonia is the need to be moving into the future and not living in the past. With the lack of stability in the economy, we as a town will feel the impact of the federal, state and county governments not being able to balance a budget. We will see a downturn in the amount of funds the Town receives and also we must be fully aware that the citizens will be picking up some of the shortfalls of the different governments. We need to not be adding to their burdens with any excessive fees or added taxes.

4. I do not feel at this time that the Town of Fredonia needs a Town Manager. In light of the current economic situation, financially a town the size of Fredonia, with approximately 1200 people, can be efficiently managed with the town mayor, council and clerk.

5. Being fairly new to the area, I feel I can bring a new attitude to the table. I can look at situations with an open mind and not a telescopic point of view. I feel I can listen to the citizens’ concerns and act accordingly to the best interests of the entire community and not just to special groups or individuals.

6. In light of recent events that have occurred in the Town of Fredonia, I strongly feel that an open and transparent government is a necessity. I feel the rules and regulations that have been established by state law need to be adhered to.

7. Prior to our move to Fredonia, we heard many good things about the Northern Arizona Fair, and how much fun it brought to the entire community. Unfortunately, I have not been able to personally experience the fair, as this event has not been held since our arrival here in Fredonia. I am not aware as to the reasons this event has been cancelled for the past several years. I feel we need to assess the funding along with the other needs to re-establish it.

8. There are many issues that need to be addressed immediately. Among them, just to name a few are: thorough and independent audit of each department within the town by an appropriate outside agency, making sure the town follows all Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules and regulations, accountability of our town employees to their individual job responsibilities, we need to address the concerns of our local business to make sure that they are fairly taxed so that they can prosper in our community, and we need to encourage new businesses to come to Fredonia.

9. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve the people of Fredonia, to be a proactive leader rather than a reactive one. For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to be the baseball coach at the Fredonia High School and a substitute in the Fredonia/Moccasin Unified School District. I have found we have great youth, who I feel are the leaders of tomorrow and hope we can find a way to have our young people want to live in Fredonia rather than be from Fredonia.