1. Why are you running for the Fredonia Town Council?

2. Some residents feel that local sales tax of 4% and the impact fees are excessive, and are hurting residents and inhibiting growth. Would you support the reduction of earlier levels?

3. What do you believe is currently the biggest challenge facing Fredonia?

4. Does Fredonia need a town manager and why?

5. What unique qualities can you contribute to the Fredonia Town Council?

6. Would you make a commitment to open and transparent government – agreements, minutes, open meetings public discussion and decisions, following employment policies, open bidding for contracted services such as legal services, auditor, accounting, engineering services, etc.?

7. For many years the Northern Arizona Fair was held in Fredonia with the support of the Town Council and local school district. Would you be willing to support having the fair once again and provide some financial support, as well as logistical support (like facilities and storage)?

8. What is the first issue you would like to address and why?

9. Final statement.