For the first time since Scott Johnson, heavyweight supreme, Kanab has a region champion in high school wrestling – our own Brandon Crosby! He is as mild-mannered as a cup of chicken noodle soup in everyday life, with a grin that would melt lava rock, but also tough as boiled owl meat or a piece of grizzly bear jerky when he steps out onto that mat!

At the region finals in Richfield on February 6, Crosby took on all comers to walk away with the 112-pound title. Not content with that, Crosby walked proudly to the podium to receive the MVP for all weight classes below 160 pounds. 

In his final match, Crosby, with a bloody nose, polished off a toughie from Millard. Old Crank nearly lost his good looks by standing in the middle of the Millard rooting section and screaming at the top of his lungs for Brandon, while mouthing obscenities at Millard. Not a wise choice, Old Crank. 

The win will give Crosby an excellent seed at state this weekend at Utah Valley University. Crosby is a junior and has only been wrestling since he was a freshman. This puts him up against wrestlers who have been wrestling since they were five, such as Old Crank’s grandson Colby Barlocker. Colby also won his weight class and MVP for wrestlers 160 and over. This tells you what a go-for-the-gold wrestler Crosby is. They don’t come with any more guts. Three years experience pitted against 11 to 12 years of experience!

Also going to state are Tyrell Reidhead, Aaron Downward, James Anderson, and alternate Daniel Bowman. I love you guys. 

Once again…these guts and glory guys are the bull riders of high school athletes. I know I have used that term before on numerous occasions, but nothing better describes these tough-as-wet-rawhide cowboys. Give them a cheer Kanab! In every way, they personify “Cowboy Pride.”

The fans that braved white-out conditions on the way home are to be congratulated. Hopefully, the day will come when there will be enough Kanab supporters to drown out even the Millard rooting section.

Wrestlers, my worn fedora is off to you. I couldn’t be any prouder of you if I were your parent. In a vastly overused statement, “You Rock!”