While high school students are infamous for their apathy and general inability to care about politics, the students at Kanab High School are not completely oblivious. From an interview of Mr. Mason Fox’s Current Events class, I have gathered some responses from a few students on their feelings of President Obama’s first year in office.  The majority of these students found Obama either hasn’t done anything productive, or is doing an average job at his new presidency.  With his first term being a quarter of the way finished, it seems he has generated quite a few opinions.

“Well, I hate to give Obama a bad reputation, but he has done pretty much nothing his first year, and especially nothing good,” said KHS junior Taylor Armstrong. “In this time of economic hardship, we need a great president, not a good one.” 

As we discussed the topic of Obama’s first year, Armstrong insisted that although Obama has not offended the public by any horrible scandals or irresponsible decisions, he also hasn’t done much to live up to his running campaign of “Change.” 

Senior Dason Ott had a similar response, “Our economy is as bad as it has been since the Depression, and in my opinion President Obama is just not getting the job done.  I congratulate him on being the first African-American President, but the truth is, we need a president who isn’t afraid to make changes.” 

Along with the negative opinions came the neutral.  “I would have to say that President Obama has done an average job.  To his credit, the president had a lot of hype that he had to live up to, that no man could ever achieve,” said Patrick Lopez, a senior at Kanab High School.  “I think the president could have done more in his first year, but he had to clean up an eight-year mess. Try doing that in one year.”  Throughout the interview, he mentioned several times the potential of Obama’s presidency was set outrageously high, and those kind of unrealistic expectations are bound for national disappointment.

Senior Andrew Corry was quick to establish he has no particularly extreme feelings towards Obama one way or the other.  “I would say at the moment he is doing an adequate job, but he is lacking in a few areas. One such is obviously health care, because you hear a lot of complaints about the idea.  It started out alright, but I just don’t see how he’s going to pull it off.” When I asked Corry if he had any positive thoughts towards the President, he agreed with Lopez on the subject of Obama’s pre-set reputation.  “He built up a lot of expectations that he has yet to live up to.”

If nothing else, President Obama has definitely managed to build up opinions in the public eye, even from students who thought they didn’t have opinions. When I asked these students to participate, most of them said, “I don’t really know,” or “I don’t pay attention.”  However, after a few minutes of discussion, they all came out with an opinion.  It just goes to show, high school teens actually pay more attention than they think they do.