This scam is generally used against senior citizens. A caller will call and state the following:

“Hi grandma this is your grandson and I have gotten myself in a jam. I was wondering if you could help me out. My friend talked me into flying to Canada to visit a girlfriend of his. We rented a car in my name, but I did not get any insurance on the car. While driving last night, we hit some ice and crashed the car. The police are holding me at the jail until I can raise enough money to cover the damage. I have a lawyer representing me and he will be calling you soon. Please, don’t call my mother and tell her about this. I would rather tell her face to face. Within an hour or so, another man will call you and state he is the lawyer representing your grandson, and tells you to send money to him so he can get your grandson out of jail.”

This scam has been reported at least three times in the Kanab area over the last month. On one occasion, the so-called lawyer asked for $3800 to be sent. On the other occasions, he has asked for $2800.

Be aware – this is a scam. Anytime someone asks you for money over the telephone you should be suspicious. You should ask questions to try and verify who you are talking to. Simple questions like; what’s your mother’s name, what’s your birthday, how many brothers and sisters do you have. Generally speaking, the caller will be unable to answer these simple questions and you should hang up on them and notify the local police about the call.