Real Salt Lake soccer representatives were in Kanab on Thursday, February 4, along with their mascot Leo the Lion, to show off their MLS soccer championship trophy. They enjoyed dinner at Parry Lodge, and a greeting from Kanab City Mayor Nina Laycook. They then were taken by police escort to visit with a large group of students and parents assembled at Kanab Elementary School.

“It’s a pleasure to be here,” said Real representative Scott Reynolds. “What a beautiful area, with so much history.”

Real’s Salt Lake mascot Leo was clearly who the children wanted to see. He performed backflips and acrobatic stunts, as well as walking down the stairs in the gym on his hands.

The Real representatives have been on a statewide tour to demonstrate their accomplishments, appreciation to the state for soccer support, and to show off how hard work on the field and good teamwork can pay off.

“Utah is one of the best kept secrets (concerning soccer),” explained RSL Interactive Marketing Director Joseph Allen, citing the state’s large amount of youth soccer players. “The culture of soccer is evolving,” said Allen.

The Real Salt Lake professional soccer team, in partnership with some Salt Lake area businesses, is taking the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy on a four-week tour of Utah. Before the tour has been completed on February 28, it will have made 35 tour stops in Utah communities, including all 29 counties in the state.

“Since we brought the MLS Cup back from Seattle in November, we have wanted to ensure that our fans from all across the State of Utah feel pride and ownership in what the club has achieved,” said Real Salt Lake President Bill Manning. “Fostering and nurturing the support of all Utahns is of the utmost important to us, and we hope this tour can provide a small measure of thanks to our followers from Logan to St. George, and all points in between.”

Fans in attendance at KES were encouraged to take photos of the MLS Cup trophy and mascot Leo the Lion, take home giveaway items, and enter a drawing for a flat-screen television to be given away at the end of the tour..

Fans can also be part of the tour by uploading their photos with the Cup to Real Salt Lake’s “Flickr” photo gallery page online, located at