The Western Legends Round-up Committee would like to thank the Volunteer Center of Kane County for all their hard work on behalf of Western Legends Round-up. The Volunteer Center’s records show 1,425 people were listed as volunteers and put in over 2,680 hours! They recognize many more hours were not recorded.

Visitors to Western Legends Round-up marvel that we are able to put on an event of this size. Western Legends Round-up does not happen because of one person or even a few. It takes a whole community to put on an event of this size. The committee knows this event could not happen without the help of all of our volunteers.

If you feel you can volunteer for an hour, a few days, or throughout the year please call the Volunteer Center at 644-3696. Western Legends Round-up is asking for additional help in the following areas:

Grant writing (now), advertising (through the year), set up stages (August 26), signage (year round and during event), storytelling (August 27-28), bus tours (August 27-28), set up tents (August 26), decorating downtown stages (August 26), take down tents (evening of August 28), bookkeeping (few hours per week), deliver tables and chairs (August 26-28), office help (through the year), decorating the high school stage (August 26), hospitality (during event), silent auction (August), donations (March – August), vendors (sending out flyers, organizing, and set up), parade (mainly August 28), clean-up downtown (evening August 28), clean-up high school (after show August 28).

Please call and let us know if you can help or if you have a talent that is not listed above. Though 1,425 volunteers sound like a lot, it takes that and more.

All you great people who want an opportunity to show off our beautiful area and our history, we welcome you. Western Legends Round-up needs and appreciates your help.