The latest Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to donate huge amounts of money to support or oppose candidates is a terrible mistake. Congratulations to the conservatives, and let me just comment on what a rat’s nest they’ve created.

A normal Joe is never going to get elected to any public office! The conservative justices have created a state of ‘buy who you want to be elected’ environment. That will allow them to purchase their politicians, and own their subsequent decisions on any legislation put before them. They might as well put the candidates on eBay, and sell to the highest bidder.

The corporations with the big bucks won’t be placing money on someone with good values and ideas who doesn’t have credentials and power. They’re going to support candidates that will further their cause. It’s not that hard to follow.

Buying politicians is a sad commentary about the conservative court’s priorities, as well as thought process in America.

The Supreme Court in its decision wrote the issue was about free speech. Please...there’s nothing free when it’s paid for!

I believe in free speech and public information. I work at a newspaper. I’ve been on the Utah Press Association’s board for over 12 years. I was selected by Governors Leavitt and Huntsman to work on the State Records Committee, which focuses on issues such as this. When someone sends something to the paper, even when it goes against what I believe, we print it.

I’m not a radical liberal media type (with a conservative background to prove it), but I do believe the latest Supreme Court decision is bull. This isn’t about free speech. It’s about companies and entities controlling all decisions related to the government.

Free speech is about individuals saying what they want about God, government and country. Corporations, who obviously have more money than the rest of us, have a different idea of free speech. Their mission isn’t to say something; it’s to make something!

So much for all conservative whining and focus of late on getting away from governmental control! What about corporate control? Do you honestly think if Wall Street could buy its politicians, there’d be any scrutiny on their practices whatsoever?

We all understand big business has big money, and that is how the country works economically. They now have the power to pick their politicians and also influence legislative decisions, especially since we don’t have term limits.

What a sad statement about America. Abraham Lincoln would never have been elected. A poor, under-educated guy from Illinois – what kind of pull would he have with the big corporations?