Maureen Casper, representing Senator Hatch’s office, updated the county commission on what is happening in Washington, D.C. Senator Hatch is on the Judiciary and Finance Committees and offers a conservative voice. 

Senator Hatch has been involved in health legislation since he has been in the Senate and expressed regret that the Republicans have been left out of the process. He believes the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts is a wake-up call regarding the health bill. He is asking unused TARP funds be used on the national debt. He expressed concern regarding the enormous cost of the recently passed health bill. He opposed cap and trade and said it is dead in the Senate. He voted for the defense appropriation bill to support Hill AFB and other programs in Utah.

Byron Thiriot, representing Senator Bennet’s office, said the 9th Annual Rural Business Conference will be February 18-19 in Price, Utah. The emphasis this year will be on energy and natural resources. More information on the conference is available at

Casper and Thiriot asked what message the commissioners would like to send to the senators.  Commissioner Doug Heaton said that government needs to step out of interfering with private enterprise.

Commissioner Daniel Hulet said that we need to get back to decreasing public lands and disposing of them. With the Alton Coal project and mining on the Arizona Strip, the biggest hindrance is the federal government.  The federal government needs to get out of the way. The Alton Coal is on private land. 

Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover gave the MBA an update on the Public Safety Facility. He reviewed with the commissioners re: keeping to the budget, offices, bed count, court space, etc.  He reported the funding at this point is looking positive.

The commission approved the appointment of Tony Wright to the Resource Committee, representing the outfitting and guiding position.

Jim Sorenson was appointed to the Land Use Authority Committee to fill the vacancy left by Terril Honey.

The bookmobile contract was approved at $62,208. The bookmobile is the county library.

Kane County Assessor Linda Little told the commission an appeal board for the Building Department is needed and required by the Utah Building Code. Little will work with Kane County Attorney Jim Scarth to get qualifications needed and have them for the next meeting.

There are several hundred open building permits in the county. In many cases, people are occupying the premises without a final inspection. Lack of compliance can affect insurance coverage and resale because the property is not recorded with a final inspection. The question to the county is liability. Scarth responded that if they receive adequate written notice, the county is not liable. The commission approved adding to the current process that once notified, non-compliance will be turned over to the county attorney.

The addressing system for rural homes, 911 and GPS, etc. The ordinance passed establishing duties and responsibilities needing to be modified.  According to the commission, they need to get the committee together and establish assignments and responsibilities specifically so there will be no overlapping. This committee includes representation from the Recorders Office, Building Department, Roads Department, Sheriff’s Office, 911 Representative, etc. 

Before going into closed session regarding the Five County Volunteer Center administrative issues, Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw said there are two administrative issues.  The first is the inequity in cost sharing with Kane County and Kanab City; second is the problem regarding long distance administration and management.

The commission approved a data sharing agreement with federal agencies and cooperating agencies regarding the Arizona Strip Energy withdraw. The agreement defines which documents will be shared and which will be open to the public.