The Fredonia Town Council held a special meeting Friday evening to discuss and vote on naming Marshal Dan Watson as the interim town manager.

According to Watson, this will be an “interim, temporary position that will be reviewed again in a year.” He stated, “Is it something I’m interested in doing? Yeah. I have a lot of management training.”

He expressed that he understood the town is in the middle of several projects and he would like to see them go forward.

Council member Greg Honey said, “I have some concerns about it.  I think the best thing for the town in the long run is to post it.” His desire was to seek out someone with the qualifications the council had set forth. 

Council member Georgia Heaton expressed her concerns about drastic impending budget cuts, “like Lee (the town auditor) said today, if they cut us another 35% in July, how are we going to do all we need to do.” Her opinion was that by hiring Watson as the interim manager, it would save the town money.

Mayor Dixie Judd agreed, “[there is] not any extra money at this time to hire another town manager.”

Honey replied, “We had the money to pay Tom the last 10 years, I don’t see that to be the problem, but it is the cheaper option.”

 Watson stated, “Am I the best solution? I don’t know, probably not. I look at it as my long term goals and the city’s long term goals.”

Watson informed the council that if hired, he would step down from his responsibilities with Kane County, and that he had already informed them of the possibility. Watson would continue his duties at the Fredonia Marshal’s Office while performing his role as town manager.

Mayor Judd stated, “[It is] pretty obvious and important that we get somebody on board to take over the management of our town.”

The council voted four to one to hire Dan Watson to be the interim town manager beginning February 15, 2010. The position will be reviewed after one year.