Dr. David Grygla and Dr. Ed Prince, son and son in-law of Glen and Carolyn Grygla of Kanab, and grandsons of Nora Heaton, flew to Haiti on Monday, January 25, to help with the massive medical needs there. They have been able to stay in touch online, and make calls home on an international cell phone.

They were picked up by Jesuit Priests who allowed them to sleep in their fenced and guarded compound, where they set up a two-man tent. They are eating the MRE’s they took, and showering from a five-gallon bucket. The Jesuits delivered them to the Catholic Hospital, where they went to work, taking breaks only for much needed sleep.

The trauma wounds they are treating occurred in the first big quake for the most part, and so infection is a big issue. Dr. Grygla said the hospital halls are lined with wounded children, simply sitting quietly waiting for help.

The four over-sized duffel bags full of medical supplies they had taken to work with were gone by Tuesday night. Luckily, on Wednesday morning, Dr. Ray Swanson from Salt Lake City showed up with a plane-load of medical supplies and they were able to continue working. Later the same day, two more planeloads of medicines and supplies arrived from the LDS Church. Grygla and Prince are now working hard to get as much done as possible before they fly home on Saturday.

Grygla and Prince’s experience in Haiti underscores the desperate need there. This is a great time for all of us to donate what we can to help alleviate the suffering through reliable churches or agencies.

Dr. Grygla is the director of the Southwest Community Health Clinic in St. George. He does family practice and OB.

Dr. Prince is an orthopedic surgeon from the Coral Desert Group in St. George. He serves Kanab monthly.