The best spellers from each class, third through eighth grade at Fredonia Elementary School, competed Tuesday in their annual spelling bee. 

The first and second grade winners, who held their competitions in the classroom earlier, were recognized at the event. First graders Quanah Benny, McKenzie Cluff, Tailer Riding, Wenona Tonegates, Tanner Caruso and Mia Bulletts and second graders Joanna Button, Crystal Bistline, Titus Tisi, Kainoa Baker and De’Shawn Ford were honored for their achievements as top spellers. 

The competition began with simple words, which competitors whizzed through effortlessly. With each round, the words became more challenging and slowly the amazing spellers were eliminated. After an hour of stressful competition, it came down to fourth graders Brittany Weiss and Trey Kaulali and eighth grader Jordan Smith.

In the final rounds, Jordan Smith secured third place, Brittany Weiss second and for his second consecutive year, Trey Kaulali was in first! The fourth grader will now move on to compete in Flagstaff. If Kaulali wins in Flagstaff, he will go to the state spelling bee and compete for a national spot.

Each of the students exhibited remarkable skills under extreme pressure. Third grade competitors were Trevor Evans, Jaxson Grover, Jade Smith, Tomi Finicum and Josie Lathim. Taft Ballard was eligible to compete but did not attend. Fourth graders were Trey Kalauli, Kekoa Baker and Brittany Weiss.  Fifth graders were Kaytlyn Grover, Kiana Baker and Hunter Williams.  Sixth graders were Jaicee Busener, Mary Chell and Kylie Bunting. Seventh graders were Caitlyn Allen, Zach Waite and Tyler Evans. Eighth graders were Jordan Smith, who took the place of Chance Lathim, Brittany Bistline and Crissa Stotlar, who took the place of Mitchell Johnson.

Congratulations to each of the talented spellers and their families! A special congratulations and good luck to Trey Kalauli as he travels to Flagstaff for his next spelling competition!