Garkane Energy Customers in the Kane, Wayne, and Garfield County areas experienced power outages during the past week due to heavy wet snow and ice, which blanketed the area.

Outages were caused from snow and ice on the power lines. As snow and ice builds up and sheds from power lines, phases sometimes come in contact with each other, which in turn causes a power outage.

“We received some much needed moisture from the storm, which we are very thankful for. However, anytime we receive a warmer southern storm, snow and ice tend to build-up on our lines and conductors, resulting in power outages,” stated Marcus Lewis, Garkane’s Staff Assistant.

Battling miserable conditions at times, Garkane’s crews worked throughout the night to locate and fix the various problems. “We commend our crews for enduring difficult conditions in order to restore power to our customers”, stated Lewis. “We appreciate their efforts, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience power outages cause.”

Power has been restored to all areas each day. We did weather the storms better than most utilities in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

“It is Garkane’s goal to provide reliable power to all our customers. We are in the business of providing low cost, reliable power. We take this responsibility very seriously. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances, such as the extreme weather conditions witnessed this week, make it difficult to guarantee uninterrupted power. We are subject to Mother Nature’s forces. This is one factor we simply cannot control. We appreciate your patience and support and we will do everything we can to keep power flowing.”

With the winter season heavily upon us, Garkane reminds its customers to plan ahead for weather-related power outages. Choose an easily accessible closet or cupboard for an emergency supply of flashlights, batteries, blankets, and other needed items.