It’s true, Glen Grygla sees the world through rose-colored glasses. I don’t know how he does it. As Kane County Hospital’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he sees the good, the bad and the traumatic. Yet he smiles, meets the day and helps anyone who asks.

Grygla was born in Leamington, Utah, and attended Delta High School. After graduating from high school, he spent two years in the army. He worked for a while as a welder after his military career, and then moved on to become a carpenter. But what he really wanted to be was a coach. So he enrolled at Weber State and began his education.

Somewhere along the course of his studies, he learned the stress levels of coaching weren’t something he wanted to deal with. He changed his studies, working toward becoming a social worker and church educator.

Grygla grew up as a foster sibling. One of his foster sisters was a Native American. Grygla enjoyed her and what she brought to the family. It was that foster child that guided his decision to work with the Native American Youth program one summer in St. George. He then applied and was accepted to University of Utah, majoring in Social Work.

Grygla taught church education with the Navajo Nation in Many Farms, AZ for six months. He was transferred to Joseph City in Holbrook, AZ, and for the next two years was able to work with Apache, Zuni, Hopi and Navajo in family services.

Grygla, with his wife Carolyn, and a line of kids in tow, would paint street numbers to earn money. The team then took trips to Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park. What an outstanding opportunity for a youth group to be able to reach beyond their community.

Grygla was transferred to Arlington, TX for seven years and then Sacramento, CA, working for the next six years for LDS Family Services. He worked in Mesa and Snowflake, AZ. Next stop was Page, AZ for an 11 year stint. He came to KCH in August 2003.

Grygla just seems to make lemonade. Maybe his time is spent with a family dealing with a traumatic experience in the Emergency Depart. Whether it’s with our residents and their families dealing with everyday situations, or those end of life decisions, Grygla is there to help. Grygla helps us meet life’s challenges and realize we can do it. What a great gift. He is a wonderful asset to Kane County Hospital. Thanks Glen, you make me smile.