Kane County Municipal Building Authority selected Layton Construction as the construction manager and general contractor at risk for the new county Public Safety Facility. 

A lengthy discussion over proposed changes to Chapter 7 of the Land Use Ordinance resulted in all three commissioners voting nay. Commissioner Daniel Hulet explained he did not want to put liability on the county. The proposed change stated landowners would need to fence in their livestock in areas of nine acres or smaller. The discussion dealt with ‘fence in’ or ‘fence out’ requirements. Commissioners  Mark Habbeshaw and Doug Heaton voted nay because it interfered with agricultural rights. 

Also discussed was population density.

The commissioners did approve a modification to Chapter One of the Land Use Ordinance. Heaton said this change improves the existing ordinance.

The 2010 County Budget was approved with Resolution 2009-29.

 Commission assignments for 2010 were discussed and official changes will be made the first meeting in January.

 The commission approved the Fire Suppression (Wild Land Fire Budget) contract. Hulet lamented the county needs it because it saves the county money, but the cost increases every year and the money comes out of the General Fund.

A grade increase was approved for Human Resource Director Rhonda Gant from 19d to 20d.

The commission also approved renewal of the Five County Association of Government contract for Care and Share for 2010.

The commission appointed County Assessor Linda Little as the Kane County Building Official and Deputy County Assessor Ryan Maddux as Deputy County Building Official and to ratify actions already taken by them.

 Little and Maddux reviewed inspection fees and recommended some additions that the commission approved. Heaton said, “the fees should cover the cost and should not be shifted to the taxpayer. At the same time the county doesn’t want to make money.” 

The new fees are not covered in the current Fee Schedule. The biggest change will be an automatic $200 fine for a Red Tag.

Resolution 2009-31 was approved for a contract with Spillman Software for $528,721 for new software for the public safety department. The $200,000 payment needed for this year will come from the Mineral Lease Fund. 

Approved on the consent agenda were the hospital budget, a road dedication, and two parcel joinders in Elk Ridge Estates.

Bruce Speer was in attendance to discuss the roads, which was approved in the consent agenda.  Although the item had already been approved, the commissioners asked him to move forward and express his views. Habbeshaw explained why it was approved.