I reined to a stop as I crested the hill,

Kanab was just waking, ‘twas silent and still.

Street lights were burning with a soft yellow glow,

Reflecting lightly against fresh fallen snow.


We held there a while just to take in the view,

Figured we were special, we were among a few.

For people today, they scurry about.

They don’t take the time to stop and gaze out.


We need to rest a moment, take a break and just pause.

To look at the wonder while contemplating the cause.

Was it nature, or God. Or one and the same?

Who brought us this gift and who will lay claim?


Does it really matter, maybe it’s me.

I take the time, and well, I want to see!

This beautiful country at the break of day,

I will take this moment as I start to pray.


The snow settles lightly on my steed’s noble face,

He stands pondering here in his calm easing grace.

What a wonderful feeling to be a part of it all,

To become melancholy as I watch the snow fall.


The silence is singing, its warm and sincere.

The music is light as it tickles my ear.

Yes life is good and beauties abound,

We just need to stop, rest, and look around.