Mike Franklin, representing Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, presented a bill for snow removal at the February 9 Kane County Commission meeting, and read from State Statute concerning Kane County’s responsibility concerning road maintenance. He said that he himself had removed snow. 

Commissioner Hulet stated that Judge Campbell in a ruling last summer, had make it clear that “we have no jurisdiction over our roads.”

“How would you suggest we resolve it?” asked Commissioner Habbeshaw.  Franklin answered, “Campbell overstepped her bounds.  This has to do with the Monument. I’m not here attacking your position. I’m here for dialogue. I have a concern and I want to help.”  

Habbeshaw responded, ‘how do we resolve it, we’re up to our necks with legal issues.”

Franklin suggested, “Disagreements need to be put aside for the benefit of all.”

    Commissioner Hulet pointed out that five years ago the Department of Interior started to negotiate with Kane County then just stopped.  “They have allowed all of those environmental agencies to get involved.  Until somebody back in Washington D C. can make a decision, we are going to continue to be at a stalemate.” 

    The Commission suggested it would help if  Franklin spoke to his superiors about RS2477 roads in his area and recognize Congressionally granted highways. The county does remove snow for public safety, and have maintained roads historically.  They questioned why they should be held liable when they have no jurisdiction.  “B” road funding cannot be spent on federal roads.     

Western Legends committee members Steve Mower, Carla Avant and Bonnie Riding, requested financial support for the 2009 Round-Up weekend. “We appreciate the support, time and help from the Commission and the community,” said event chairman Mower.

 Commissioner Hulet said that the commission had budgeted $7,000 this year for the event.

The W.L. Committee said due to the depressed economy, there’d be some event changes this year that will be advertised later. 

    The MBA, Municipal Building Authority, met and finalized awarding the bids on the Emergency Services Building.  The bids are through TC Engineering.    The Resource Committee has recommended some revisions in their Bylaws. In the Section , Eligibility for Membership there were some minor modifications which were approved.

    All three who applied were appointed to the Kane County Resource Development Committee. They are: Niel Brown, Kyle Spencer and Bill May.

    The Public Safety Ad Hoc Committee recommended Kane County move forward with the current plan for a 200 bed facility and utilize the current Joint Senate Resolution, and pursue alternative financing to combine with Community Impact Board (CIB) funding that will allow a lower risk from CIB.  The current jail facility continues to have issues with over-crowding.

    Funds in the amount of $15,000 were authorized from TRT funds to add to the $35,000 the Travel Council had already budgeted for the internet program. 

    Another item of concern for the Travel Council had to do with a request to change the number of membership in the By-Laws.  Ben Clarkson, , represented the Board’s request so that business may be conducted with a quorum.  There was discussion about the need to cover the entire county and whether or not the representing Commissioner should have a vote or not.  Rinda Alldredge was approved for a vacancy on the board.

    William Dobsom, from Vermillion Cliffs, has a problem with flooding on his lot since the new roads have been put in.  Burt and Lou, Road Department, will check with the other lot owner, about a ditch on the property line, a natural place where the water flows.

    Maureen Casper, Senator Hatch’s office gave the Commissioners an update on his positions so far in Congress.  He is opposed to the stimulus bill.  He believes it is too much money going where it is not needed.  He is also opposed to Salazar’s pulling leases for drilling oil in Utah.  A reminder that the appropriations process is now in process and the deadline is March 2.