The Kane County Hospital Governing Board monthly meeting was held on December 17. Chairperson Dottie Ratzlaff brought the meeting to order. Administrator Sherrie Pandya announced the need to replace the heart monitor at the nurse’s station at a cost of over $50,000. 

Hospital Auxiliary President Emma Norton was contacted and said the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop has the funds to purchase the new equipment. The funds are achieved through the combined efforts of the community and their donations, the Thrift Shop managers, and a lot of hard-working Auxiliary volunteers dedicating their time and efforts.

The main goal of the Auxiliary Thrift Shop, a non-profit operation, is to generate funds for the hospital to purchase needed equipment by processing “discards to dollars.” Throughout the years, the shop has provided over $900,000 in equipment to the various departments of the hospital.

Agenda action item: Closing the Cedar Mountain Clinic. It was the board’s consensus to close the Cedar Mountain Clinic due to lack of patient participation. The costs of leasing the office space and utilities outweigh the benefits to the hospital’s budget.

Hernan Garreaud, PA-C, the provider for the Urgent Care Clinic on weekends, said he wished it could be maintained as operational, but realized the financial burden it was putting on the hospital.

Ratzlaff stated the decision to close the clinic was not a reflection on Garreaud’s ability, and appreciated his efforts and concerns. Commissioner Daniel Hulet agreed with the board’s decision. Pandya stated a 30-day notice would be sent to the patients and to the leaseholder of the building.

Agenda action item: The 2010 Budget. The Hospital Budget was revised to reflect the closing of the Cedar Mountain Clinic and its operational costs to the hospital. The board adopted the revised budget.

Corporate Financial Officer Stephen Howells said copies of the budget have been sent to the city and county. Hulet said the hospital budget is scheduled for the commission review at the December 28 meeting.

Howells informed the board the hospital was required to get a new National Provider Identification (NPI) number as part of the Critical Access Hospital Medicare billing process.

Pandya stated the Community Impact Board (CIB) approved a grant of $84,000 for the bulk oxygen and helicopter pad to be placed on their pending list.

The CIB did not want to pay for the secondary road, stating that was the city’s responsibility. Pandya will discuss the decision with the city manager.

Pandya recommended postponing the road request, submit a new proposal asking the CIB to grant funds for the two primary items, and requesting those items be moved to the priority list for funding in February.

Pandya discussed the possibility of contracting for a Pyxis Pharmacy System, a point of care medication dispensing device, eliminating the need for the cumbersome pharmacy compliance system currently used. It would be on a monthly lease basis.

The system works best with the electronic health recordkeeping system, which due to cost, has yet to be implemented in Kane County Hospital. Pandya explained the Pyxis System could be functional as a stand-alone unit. 

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) Trudy Yoho and Dilworth Perkins were in attendance to thank the hospital board for their financial support in paying for the conference and travel expenses needed as part of the required EMT re-certification training classes.