Life throws curve balls. A new space for the Monopoly game should be included. If you land on ‘catastrophic illness,’ you give up everything you’ve accumulated in your life, and go back to start.

The healthcare rhetoric makes me laugh or cry, I’m not sure which. Those with good insurance (like members of Congress), aren’t affected. American taxpayers cover them. Go figure, the ones considering the issue don’t have to worry about it!

The country is in need of a solution! I’m against government programs competing with private industry. But the plain fact is private industry has behaved poorly. The money they make is obscene, and then they deny or give poor coverage to hard-working, American citizens.

Huge premiums for poor coverage and performance?

At 49, my husband Dennis had a nearly-fatal heart attack. We were so grateful for his recovery. But the heart damage meant years of medication, and the fear something major would again happen due to damage done. The doctor gave specific instructions including, “make sure you reduce stress!”

Not likely ... especially when we saw the bill. Our small business insurance covered some of Dennis’ major medical bills, but we were personally responsible for a large portion. How do you pay for it? We second mortgaged our nearly paid-off home, and our lives changed dramatically.To answer critics (i.e., those insured), who would suggest getting other insurance, that’s not possible because Dennis now had a ‘pre-existing’ condition.

Dollars and cents, this means that not one drug of the six he must take daily are covered. There is no co-pay. When we’re short at the pharmacy, we must charge it on a credit card – with interest.

Your life circumstance might be more ‘insured.’ But through experience, I am grateful the healthcare issue is being addressed. Taxpayers trying to produce and do what they can to further the economy are struggling and going under, due to enormous healthcare costs ... that is, if they can get coverage.

A remedy is needed.