I’ve always pledged my allegiance to the real Christmas tree. They’ve been important to me through the years. A real tree speaks of warm holidays, true spirit and holiday emotions...because it is real. (I would also have candles decorating them, but I’m sure most would have an issue with that.)

It’s probably just a Dixie thing.

Real trees aren’t that realistic, as it were. While trees are a renewable resource; availability, travel plans, allergies and convenience fly in the limbs of my concept.

But I’ve always desired them, and have made getting one a major holiday priority. When the boys were little...when I was responsible for too many events...after Dennis had his heart attack... a real tree was something I sought and cherished. Cutting your own tree is my preference, although I’ve purchased many trees from lots.

There has only been one issue that has endured the test of time – size matters!

Even when I was little, it was important to get a big tree. They fill the living room, as well your heart. The main thing I wasn’t practical about was the trees didn’t always fit into whatever house we had. When you have to cut a foot off the bottom – you are probably going to alter the tree.

This Christmas, during their Thanksgiving vacation, I had my sons Cody and Andy help Dennis and I get a tree on the Kaibab. They found many trees, but I negated them, because they were imperfect. I saw one on a far hill, half-way up. They climbed up to it, and said it was perfect.

“Mom, it’s cool because it has a wall side,” proclaimed Cody.

That worried me. A wall side indicated it wasn’t that well-rounded, and far from perfect. I started to register my protest when I heard him.

“Too late, we’re cutting it,” he shouted.

They made their way down the hill, and brought it to the vehicle. We tagged it.

It rested briefly in our garage, and then guess what? The Christmas tree was too large for the downstairs area where we were going to place it! It did have to be brought down to room-size! Dennis was cursing me the whole time.

Maybe artificial trees are the answer.