At the Tuesday December 8 Fredonia Town meeting, Marshal Dan Watson updated the town council regarding the recent tire slashings.  He stated all of the juveniles had been picked up for the criminal damage, and are being asked for restitution. 

Watson told council of the juveniles’ status stating that the “fickle” juvenile court system had said that some of the boys would remain in custody, but will instead now be released.

Watson explained the extensive damage by the boys would be expensive to repair. Just to the vehicles in the Town Office parking lot, more than $1,400 worth of tires would need to be replaced, not including those for the DARE car or senior bus.  Generally, restitution is part of the terms of probation.

Fire Chief Harris Allen requested the town agree to be first responders for Dennison Mines.  Council agreed that they would like to help the mines but would need further information prior to approving the first responder status.

Council approved a resolution to place “Home Rule” on the March ballot. The “Home Rule” is what allows the town to determine its own budget rather than the state dictating the spending of the town money. Council agreed unanimously to place the “Home Rule” on the ballot.

Council appointed Georgia Heaton to fill the vacant seat of Angie Bullets for a term of six months. Bullets resigned from her seat on the council on November 30.

Council accepted the official resignation of court clerk, Freda Campbell, effective January 1, 2010.