Mayor Kim Lawson and Councilman Terril Honey, both long-serving city officials, will preside at their last city council meeting on Tuesday, December 22 at 7 p.m.

City Manager Keith McAllister announced his resignation, effective at the end of the year after 27 years managing the city’s affairs. He will continue working part-time for the city until new Mayor Nina Laycook and the city council can recruit his replacement.

Councilman Jim Sorenson was appointed by Mayor Lawson and approved by the council to represent the city on the Planning and Zoning Commission. The job was held by departing councilman Terril Honey.

Sorenson’s position on the board of the Center for Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA) will be vacated in January, when a new CEBA representative for the city will be selected. Lawson will terminate his treasurer post at CEBA the first of the year as well.

Councilman Tony Chatterley recommended Debra Csenge to the council as the Kane County Library Board’s selection, out of five very qualified candidates, for the position of Assistant Librarian to work under Librarian Dickie Robinson. The council voted to accept this appointment, pending a background check, and Csenge will be on probationary status for six months.

Mayor Lawson presented for discussion the working billing agreement with the Western Kane County special Service District initiated in 1982 and unchanged since that time (despite a provision for an every five year five percent increase that was never employed). The city provides this billing service to the district for TV and garbage charges to households in the district, and has charged 40 cents per bill since the agreements inception. The council voted unanimously to recommend an increase in the billing charge to 50 cents per bill, with a 10% increase in that charge every five years. This recommendation will be presented to the district.

Lawson presented the council with a resolution amending the city’s personnel policy to allow supervisors to conduct a mid-year evaluation on employees under their charge, to be used only as a working tool between them to assist in achieving year end evaluation goals. These mid-year assessments will not be available to council members unless gross misconduct is involved. The council voted to accept Resolution 12-1-09R.

The city received a letter from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development stating Kanab received an Enterprise Zone designation. This allows all eligible businesses expanding or locating in the zone to be considered for special tax credits. The designation is valid through December 31, 2013.

Merit pay increases were awarded to Public Works Tech Jake Dutton, City Office Receptionist Leanne Donald and Justice Court Clerk Lorna Watson.

•Reporter’s note

This reporter has been covering the city council meetings for over a year and a half and, if anything, I’ve come to appreciate the responsibilities Kanab’s governing body is charged with undertaking. Although I haven’t agreed with every decision this entity has made during this time or before, I do appreciate the fact that the city manager, council members and Mayor Lawson have worked hard to improve the City of Kanab, and deserve a thank you for their efforts.