"We feel like there is a lot of potential here," said Kent Nobis, co-owner and principal business manager for Rosenberg Associates. The firm located at 26 East Center Street, opened officially on January 5. "I love the area, I grew up in southern Utah."

    "It's exciting for us to come back to the Kanab market," related company founder and president Rick Rosenberg, in talking about the expansion. The firm had operated in Kanab over ten years ago, and has decided to refocus on the area. "We enjoy being in the community."

    Rosenberg has been a part of southern Utah for 20 years. With a main office in St. George, they provide services including: civil engineering, land surveying, geotechnical and environmental, geographical information systems (GIS), river and floodplain management, structural engineering, and construction management.

    Rosenberg Associates has a highly trained staff of certified engineers, geologists, land surveyors, and technicians that are equipped with the experience, tools, and best technology so that each project is accurate, swift, and affordable.  A distinguished list of projects compliment the staff resume.  In the St. George area this list includes Sun River St. George, Sunbrook, Elim Valley, the Santa Clara River Trail System, Interstate 15 Enhancements, Coral Canyon, and The Outlet Stores at Zion.  Clients have included private individuals, local government entities, and large-scale land development corporations.

    Rosenberg Associates’ company goal is to continually provide an unsurpassed standard of excellence to meet engineering needs while preserving the natural beauty and resources of our area.  Keeping this standard means bringing an extensive, real-world, time-learned, working knowledge of the best industry practices.

    Specific to our area, several company employees were raised in and around Kanab. "I love the small town atmosphere that I had growing up in Kanab," said Michael Robinson, a principal engineer with the firm. "I have great memories there, and still love the area."

    Rosenberg is working to provide an emerging technology known as geographic information system services (GIS), which uses maps, survey, and informational databases to capture, link, store, analyze, manage, and present data for a virtually limitless array of applications.  "Right now we are helping Kane County and Kanab City on a GIS project to digitize and classify all of the county’s ownership parcels,” said Nobis.  “There are around 16,500 parcels in Kane County, and once they are digitized they can be made fully accessible to the public on line.  It will save everyone time and money.

     "We feel a key issue is contained within our company's mission statement, which is to be a driving force to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve,” said Nobis.  “We aren't coming to Kanab thinking it will be a one-sided relationship. A good company must give back to the community. It's about working together."

    Nobis praised the engineers already established in the area, but added he believes competition is a positive thing. "I think people will be excited to have another option."