During the early hours of Sunday, November 29, six juveniles from Fredonia decided to terrorize the town.  A path of slashed tires, broken windows and mutilated Christmas decorations could be followed through Fredonia.

No one was safe as the delinquents slashed 26 tires on Fredonia Town Office vehicles, Marshal’s vehicles and several community member vehicles.

With no apparent rhyme nor reason to the destruction, one of the perpetrators was asked “why?”  His response was simply that they were “bored.”

The alleged vandals are from Fredonia, with ages ranging from 16 to 17. The victims of the crime were understandably angry, but many were also deeply saddened and disappointed by the actions because they know the suspects. 

In a small community like this, many of the victims went to or have children that go to school with the juveniles in question. They have watched them grow up, played sports with them, and supported them through their lives. The occurrence has left many Fredonians baffled as to why the boys would commit such a crime, especially against the people of the community in which they live.

With tires costing anywhere from $100 to $300 each, many of the victims are struggling to find the means to replace them. With a stressed economy and Christmas on the way, the financial burden to those affected is tremendous.

Punishment is yet to be decided by the courts, but it is quite clear that the events of November 29 will not be taken lightly.