The new Johnson Canyon staging area project is now completed. The Utah/Arizona ATV Club proposed this project, now known as the Crocodile/Hog Canyon trailhead, in February 2008. The purpose of this new trailhead is to serve as a staging area and recreational launch site, to access public lands from the Johnson Canyon area.

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club, under the leadership of President Ray Wells, proposed the staging area, that would offer a large graded and fenced parking area, and would allow hikers, hunters, horse enthusiasts and OHV operators a convenient location to stage and access designated trails, roads and OHV routes within the Johnson Canyon area.

This all came about after more than a year of effort from the Utah/Arizona ATV Club and the BLM Kanab Field Office. An agreement was reached and approval given to develop a staging area site to access the Hog Canyon and Crocodile routes, plus other road and trail access in the John R Flat and Wygaret Terrace area north and east of Kanab.

With the October 2008 approval of the project, volunteer work began with the leveling of the site. The BLM provided posts and pine poles with the hardware to construct fencing.

Kanab Boy Scout Rodney Donn volunteered to construct and install a kiosk to post information and maps. In addition, Kanab Boy Scout Rex Donn along with Kalin Blake, built and installed the steel gates, constructing the pole fence on the west side of the trailhead parking area. All of these efforts were part of their Eagle Scout Project. These fine young men belong to Boy Scout Troop 362. They all did an excellent job and should be commended for their hard work and diligence. The Scout projects were completed under the leadership of Troop 362 Scoutmaster David Donn, Assistant Scoutmasters John Reese, Wes Troy and Paul Brayton.

Later, the Utah/Arizona ATV Club volunteers gathered in September 2009, to complete the fence, and clear out remaining brush and weeds in the leveled staging area, set and paint BLM signs and finish the project.

The Crocodile/Hog Canyon Trailhead provides outdoor enthusiasts access to miles of designated roads and trails within this area. With new OHV route plans comes the need to develop more staging areas and trailheads for visitors to park and utilize BLM and Monument lands and the designated trails or routes within them.

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club calls attention to the fact that many Americans are physically limited, mainly due to age or injury, from being able to experience some of the beautiful BLM areas in southern Utah without the use of OHVs. We urge the BLM to keep this in mind when considering restricting access.

Club trail ride

On Saturday November 21, 2009, 17 members and 16 OHVs of the Utah/Arizona ATV Club utilized the Crocodile/Hog Canyon Trailhead to enjoy a long ATV ride to the Thompson Point petroglyph panel over designated routes. Beautiful views of the white and pink cliffs highlighted our day. The members enjoyed a picnic lunch with one another at the point. Throughout our day no one else was encountered, other than a local rancher rounding up stray cattle. There were several sightings of wildlife, and all enjoyed a wonderful day outdoors.

Without this access, there are a number of our members who would have been prohibited from enjoying or experiencing these lands due to age-related physical limitations.

Access to Crocodile/Hog Canyon Trailhead

The new trailhead is located in Johnson Canyon about 10 miles north of US 89 east of Kanab. With the Utah/Arizona ATV Club taking the lead, the informational Kiosk will be used to continue to educate users to tread lightly and to stay on the designated routes. In the meantime, club volunteers will continue to monitor our local OHV roads and trails for compliance of the route designations.

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club would like to express our appreciation to the Boy Scouts of America Troop 362, BLM Kanab Field Office, and Kane County Road Department for their professionalism, diligence and cooperation in the construction of the Crocodile/Hog Canyon Trailhead project.

Committed to conservation

The Utah/Arizona ATV Club and its membership remain committed to conservation and protection of the public lands. Public lands are to be reasonably used by the public. They also must be reasonably and fairly managed, always remembering that the land must be conserved for future generations.

Our members strive to educate those we find in violation of trail restrictions and conservation ethics.