Picking out a Thanksgiving turkey is similar to picking a husband. First and foremost, it must be a fine-looking bird, one that knows its way around the barnyard. However, be careful lest it has spent too much time with the hens, this could cause the bird to be a bit worn and frazzled around the edges.

Secondly, the bird should be strong in the legs and a little hefty in the chest.

Thirdly, the turkey should come when you call, so you won’t have to do all the chasing. He should be tame enough to eat out of your hand, but wise enough to know when you have a hatchet at your disposal.

Incidentally, he should not get his tail feathers ruffled when the hens are on a squawking spree (which is quite a common occasion).

He only needs one roasting in a lifetime. His heart should be larger than his gizzard, and his gobble should be both authoritative and strong.

My bird has grown tougher with the years, and his pin feathers have thinned out a bit, his gobble is less frightening. He calls his little ones home and gathers them under his wing. Possibly the greatest similarity of both man and bird, is their ultimate sacrifice for the family.

Enjoy your turkey, be it husband or fowl, on this traditional day of Thanksgiving.

May all the blessings of the harvest rest on your table as you enjoy the gifts that are yours.