The November 3 Kanab City election returns were accepted by the Kanab City Council at their meeting held on November 10, showing Nina Laycook, running unopposed, receiving nearly 97% of the 854 votes cast for mayor. Incumbent Councilman Jim Sorenson received 630 votes (39%) to retain his council seat. Ed Meyer garnered 514 votes (32%) to Shaun Smith’s 461 votes (28%) to occupy the seat on the council being vacated by Terril Honey, who’s coming to the end of his term.

Laycook’s council member seat will be filled by the city council selecting a candidate after the first of the new year, when she begins work as the new mayor.

The council voted to authorize Mayor Kim Lawson to submit an application to the state, designating the entire City of Kanab a rural Enterprise Zone (EZ). Operated by the Govenor’s Office of Economic Development, EZ designation makes certain businesses, excluding public utilities and retail trade businesses eligible for expanded Utah income or corporate tax incentives.

Paul Krauth, of the Utah State Division of Water Quality, explained the changes in the law affecting sewer lagoon permitting passed by the state legislature on March 13, 2008, and signed into law by then Governor Huntsman. Sewer lagoons, such as Kanab’s constructed in 1980, will need to have an operating permit beginning the first of January 2010. Monthly reports will be required, indicating settling pond depths and flow rates out of these ponds. 

The Utah Water Quality Board wants to obtain daily and monthly flow rate data, measured in gallons/acre/day, to see which, if any, municipalities utilizing sewer lagoons are exceeding the state limit of 6500 g/a/d. This limit far exceeds those in any of Utah’s neighboring states, with the next closest being 3300 g/a/d in Idaho and Wyoming and the lowest of 1000 g/a/d or less in Colorado and Arizona. 

All settling ponds leak as part of their function and it is not anticipated that Kanab’s ponds will come close to exceeding the limit.

Merit pay increases were awarded to the following city employees: Sharon Scott, city attorney secretary; Raelene Johnson, city treasurer; Darrin Coleman, police officer; Suzette Bunting, police secretary; and Dickie Robinson, library director.