The Fredonia Town Council meeting began with public comment by Kelly Hilding. She requested to be placed on the next agenda for permission to apply for a grant through the USDA-Rural Development. 

The grant would provide 75% of funding for equipment for community programs like the Senior Center and Care and Share. It could potentially help pay for a walk-in cooler, bread maker and stove for the Senior Center, as well as three-phase power in order to relocate the refrigerated storage container to the medical center for Care and Share.

Marshal Dan Watson also approached the council with a possible grant. The 50% matching grant he found was geared specifically toward recreation in rural areas. The Outdoor Recreation-Acquisition Development and Planning Grant could assist with the construction of a pool and other facilities. It could be combined with other funding, such as a Community Block Grant, to pay the remaining 50%.

Mayor Dixie Judd informed the council that District One Supervisor Carl Taylor authorized $3495 to Fredonia in order to build a shelter at the medical center for all Care and Share commodities distribution.

Councilmember Angie Bulletts submitted her resignation with an end date of November 30. She was thanked by the mayor and the council for her service. No replacement was mentioned.

The issue of the town attorney was discussed. Although the contract with Mangum, Wall, Stoops and Warden has not been broken, the departure of town attorney Steve Horton from the firm has caused the council to question whether to remain with the firm, transfer to Steve Horton, or seek other counsel.  Council decided to request a proposal from the firm prior to making a decision.

The issue of the Town Manager position was tabled as council works on changes regarding duties and qualifications required of the position.

The new animal codes passed unanimously giving greater specification to the definitions of biting dogs, menacing dogs and dangerous animals. It also outlined more firmly the consequences to the animals for the dangerous and menacing behavior.  The new code clearly states the dangers of biting dogs present will not be tolerated in Fredonia.

The regularly scheduled council meeting on Tuesday, November 24 will be replaced with a special meeting to be held on Friday, November 20.