The February 3 FMUSD board meeting brought to light some very exciting opportunities available to Fredonia’s students.

Colette Cox presented information to the board as a representative of CAVIAT School district, which assists our district in its vocational programs.

“We are working to educate a dynamic workforce,” explained Cox. She expressed the desire to create a career pathway for smooth transition into secondary education or into the workforce.

In order to do this, the districts currently have several vocational programs available. Students can choose anything from nursing to welding, marketing to construction and more.

The classes have reading, writing and math skills intertwined in their curriculum, helping students, who may not have been interested in other subjects, to succeed.

The classes offer dual enrollment credit, meaning students not only receive regular high school credit, they may receive college credit as well.

The dual enrollment opportunity is made possible through an Intergovernmental Agreement between FMUSD and Coconino Community College. These credits are made available at no cost to students.

SWATC in Kanab has partnered with the school to allow Fredonia students to take various classes for free. Students would be responsible for books and possible course fee, depending on classes taken.

The board was pleased to know of the many opportunities available to students.

Also discussed was the possibility of an $850,000 budget cut in 2010. The devastating amount is a worst-case scenario, according to Dorene Mudrow. The school is hoping for the best, but trying to plan and be prepared for the worst.