The regular monthly meeting of the Kane County Land Use Authority was held on November 4, 2009. Vice-chairman Terril Honey conducted the meeting. There were seven administrative requests for a Parcel Joinder within a subdivision on the agenda.

A Parcel Joinder is a method of legally combining a single parcel with adjoining parcels that are owned by the same person(s), into one larger parcel. 

The procedure for a Parcel Joinder within a subdivision plat follows Utah Code 17-27a-608(3). The request is submitted in writing with the location and legal description of the subdivision plat and a reason for the request to the Land Use Authority Administrator for review. A fee is required. 

The request is then put on the Land Use Authority agenda, giving the members a chance to recommend, or require changes to be made before forwarding to the Kane County Commissioners for final approval.

Brent Carter, Land Surveyor for New Horizon Engineering & Surveying, LLC, represented the residents who requested a Parcel Joinder in the subdivisions of Navajo Lake Estates, Zion View Mountain Estates and Swains Creek Pines. 

The reasons given were to; redefine or remove lot lines, simplify taxes; provide a better location to build and to keep the cabins spaced as they are. The panel reviewed the requests and discussed the possibility of future problems with utility easements.

The members made a recommendation for approval to the county commissioners, upon clarification and legal advice concerning the county’s responsibility in the abandonment of utility easements that divide the properties.

A member of the audience voiced a concern; that by approving the joining of these lots might lead to some future commercial venture. Honey stated the lots are all residential and a zone change to commercial would have to be approved by the county.

Legislative agenda; A Public Hearing Request for Vacating or Amending a Subdivision Plat.

Brent Carter, of New Horizon Engineering, on behalf of Milton R. Farney and Pine Meadows Estates, Inc., presented the request for lots 45, 46, 47, 48, 61 & 62 located in Strawberry Valley Estates Unit 4. The panel members reviewed the request, asked for clarification on several issues. Land Use Authority Administrator Gary Smith stated that the paperwork was in order. 

Since there was no objection from the public, the panel members made a recommendation to forward the request to the county commissioners for final approval.