Shane Nordfelt of the Utah Highway Patrol announced a $12,000 community grant from the Utah Fast Pass organization that visited Kanab last August. Kanab had already received $2,000 from the benevolent Utah car club, which travels the state each year in vintage and exotic sports cars accompanied by the Highway Patrol.

Nordfelt, a patrolman in the Kanab area for nine years during the 90’s, said, “the Fast Pass members had a wonderful day in Kanab and it was a very successful event. The group was very impressed with the reception they received and hope to be back here very soon. We had an exceptional year financially, considering the difficult times, and raised $335,000 for communities and charities in the state.”

He went on to declare that in keeping with Fast Pass commitment to further educational opportunities, they will be donating approximately $11,000 in scholarship money for Kanab students. Nordfelt wanted to remind local high school students and teachers of the opportunity two students each year have to visit Washington, D.C. with expenses paid by grant money.

Kanab’s Artist of the Year Award was bestowed on the late William “Bill” Key Jr., and accepted by his wife, Rainell. “Bill was not only a good man, he was a good community man and he is very much missed in this town,” stated Mayor Kim Lawson as he presented the award plaque to Mrs. Key.

Key was an exceptionally talented metal sculptor whose work was known far and wide and an instant friend to all blessed with the privilege of meeting him.

Connie Sanford, who has attended more city council meetings than most of the city council members, was recognized by the council and mayor with the “Honorary Council Member” award and presented a plaque for that distinction. Sanford is present at every meeting, not just those featuring controversial issues. I once asked her why and she replied, “I just want to keep up on what our local government is doing for Kanab.” Congratulations Connie!

The Kanab City Council approved the annexation of 5.3 acres of land owned by Harold Hamblin on the east side of Hwy 89A south of the old Kanab Country Auto lot. It is currently being used as pasture. “This helps tie in the privately owned properties spotted around the city to the city,” said Mayor Lawson.

The council quickly approved the election judge submitted by Teresa Clark for the elections on Tuesday, November 3. 

Merit pay increases were given to Assistant Librarians Janet Beebe and Nina Shaw. Building Inspector Russ Keller and Police Chief Tom Cram also received pay increases after favorable evaluations.