The commission met as the Municipal Building Authority at the October 19 Kane County Commission meeting, with Commissioner Daniel Hulet away on assignment.  Tom Avant updated the commissioners on the progress of the Emergency Medical Service Building and the hanger. A change order for $14,800 for asphalt was approved.

Resolution 2009-4 was approved. This is a “resolution of the governing board of the municipal building authority of Kane County, Utah, authorizing an annually renewable lease agreement, between the authority and Kane County, Utah, authorizing a sublease between the county and Southwest Utah Public Health Department; authorizing its $722,000 lease revenue bonds, series 2009, for the purpose of financing a multi-use public health facility and related improvements; authorizing a master resolution, a ground lease and the security documents and other documents; and related matters.”  The CIB loan is at two and a half percent.

On the regular agenda the same item was approved as Resolution 2009-24, “Authorizing the Municipal Building Authority of Kane County, Utah, to issue and sell $722,000 lease revenue bonds, series 2009 to finance a multi-use public health facility and related improvements; authorizing an annually renewable lease agreement between   the county and the authority, a sublease between the county and Southwest Utah Public Health Department and all related documents; and related matters.”

The commission approved the East Kanab Transportation Plan from Kanab City limit to Vermillion Estates. According to Lou Pratt, property owners have given approval of this segment of roads. The commissioners were happy with the egress/ingress that creates better traffic flow. A public hearing on the full transportation plan had been held and agreed upon by the property owners.

It was recommended the county give the Kane County Water Conservancy District a break by waiving the permit for the building on Cedar Mountain.  Motion carried unanimously.

Carl Powell and Pat Trent were reappointed to the Glen Canyon Special Service District.

There was discussion on the Robinson Canyon Road and the Water Canyon Road with no action taken. Present for discussion were Burton Pugh, Scott Pugh, Raymond Heaton, Wade Heaton, and Lou Pratt. The discussion dealt with locked gates, private property interests, public use, fences, and working toward a win-win solution.

A public hearing for the Canyon Lands SSD was held. Mike Avant stated Garkane opposes the SSD creation because they already have electrical service in the Canyon Land area.