It was a make or break game October 23 as the Kanab Cowboys stepped onto the field to face the defending 2A champs, North Summit Braves.  The 2A State Championship play in-game was the last home game of the 2009 season and the Cowboys didn’t want it to end in a loss.  

Kanab was on defense first, but quickly took over control of the ball. With 9:43 left in first quarter, Rhees Jackson #82, broke away from the struggle for a Kanab touchdown.  Brandon Jenson added an extra point as his kick sailed through the upright. 

North Summit spent most of the remaining first quarter struggling to contain the Cowboys drive, as they pushed toward their end zone.  The Cowboy defense looked, and the Cowboy line held the Braves scoreless through the first quarter.

The second quarter brought a quick score for the Braves. Eight seconds into the second quarter, they returned the Cowboy’s kick for a touchdown, scoring the extra point as well. With the score tied, Kanab kicked up their offense as Jackson connected with quarterback Craig Brinkerhoff for his second touchdown of the night.  Again, Brandon Jenson’s kick was good making the score 14-7.  

It looked as if the Cowboys had found their groove again with the return of injured player Justin Orton. The crowd held their breath when senior receiver Orton was down and appeared injured again. Thankfully, he wasn’t down for long. He returned to the game, scoring a touchdown just as the buzzer sounded to end the second quarter. Kanab secured the extra point to end the first half with a 21-7 lead.

The Kanab Cowboys kicked off to begin the second half.  The braves nearly scored right off, but the Cowboy line held. Cowboy Stetson Crandell racked up a good ten tackles.  Most of the third quarter was a defensive struggle for both teams, both failing to add points to the board. 

Towards the end of the forth quarter, the Braves gave it one last shot and almost broke through the Cowboy’s line. Unable to score, the Braves watched the clock end the game and their season solidifying a   21-7 loss.

Friday was a refreshing night for those of us who remember Kanab’s previous home game.  The team played awesome and seemed to be clicking again. The Cowboys extend their season, securing a quarterfinal game with the San Juan Broncos. It will be held in Blanding at 1 p.m..  Let’s go all the way Cowboys; let’s take state!